Häufig gestellte Fragen
  • added audio padding to next full frame
  • bugfix: maximum bitrate was always limited to a fixed value
  • bugfix: fixed encoder layout error during generation
  • bugfix: fixed audio MXF generation failing sometimes
  • fix regression: fixed import of ProRes files not working
  • added option to manually edit CPL/PKL title
  • opening existing package CPL/PKL title is used from the package
  • bugfix: size of validation report
  • bugfix: generation using GPU with low CUDA compute capability
  • added option to specify target bitdepth in generation wizard for IMF packages
  • added option to change component order for dpx input
  • bugfix: synchronisation of CPL title with PKL title
  • bugfix: facilities in naming convention dialog are ordered alphabetically
  • bugfix: fixed Y'Cb'Cr identity color transformation
  • Dolby Vision IMF support
  • added support for TTML preview and burn-in
  • added possibility to add empty subtitles to reels
  • added conformity as configurable project default
  • added photon validation for IMF packages
  • improved performance for generation of tracks with still picture (without burn-in)
  • improved software activation process
  • added new naming convention dialog, that also auto-fills entries that can be determined from the project itself
  • duplicating a CPL (with duplicate enabled) with multiple reels referencing the same tracks duplicates the tracks just once
  • VFs can be stored to .dcpproj and be correctly restored
  • it is possible to properly use e.g. 23,97fps audio in a 24fps project
  • timeline can be switched to show either time code or frames
  • deletion of picture track in timeline deletes the whole reel
  • it is possible to use a picture track file that will get burn-in subtitles in multiple reels as long as the same frame of the picture track isn't used more often than once
  • added preview for Safe Areas
  • generation of stereoscopic DCPs using QuickTime as input works as long as they're encoded with ProRes codec
  • audio track in waveform has a bigger maximum height so it's easier to see the discrete channels
  • mbits used for generation of a package can be specified also on command line
  • bugfix: fixed waveform in timeline not being correct for audio tracks
  • bugfix: fixed shutdown of Creator/deletion of audio track being stuck for a while in case waveform wasn't generated completely yet
  • bugfix: fixed order of subtitles with different languages in timeline
  • bugfix: metadata of second sound sequence in a reel is displayed correctly
  • bugfix: generating an encrypted package allows to preview it in Player without asking manually for the keys
  • fix regression: bitrate validation now works again as expected and doesn't show wrong results for encrypted packages anymore
  • added more sensible default values for track defaults (Dcp and Imf)
  • color space processing of preview now is stored/restored correctly
  • standalone attribute in CPL now can be set to false if necessary (some servers might complain otherwise)
  • bugfix: fixed rare case on some newer Macs where license import via drag and drop didn't work
  • bugfix: loaded dcpproj with source color space = destination color space now doesn't reencode anymore if it's not necessary
  • bugfix: fixed waveform in timeline not being correct for audio tracks
  • bugfix: fixed crash when validating package containing supplemental subtitle track
  • bugfix: fixed crash when duplicating a composition with a supplemental picture track and selecting the picture track afterwards
  • bugfix: fixed rare case where generation could hang
  • bugfix: fixed timeline always using 24 fps for new projects
  • bugfix: fixed possibility to split segment of IMF at reel 0
  • bugfix: fixed possibility of easyDCP Creator hanging when dragging playhead on supplemental picture track file
  • bugfix: fixed crash adding silent audio track to a referenced picture track file
  • bugfix: fixed problem with server certificate password that couldn't be restored on Macs sometimes
  • bugfix: fixed rare case on some newer Macs where license import via drag and drop didn't work
  • bugfix: audio language code for supplemental tracks is correctly loaded from CPL now (IMF only)
  • bugfix: splitting reel in timeline now updates "Edit parameters" dialog
  • bugfix: fixed mismatch of intrinsic duration and mxf ContainerDuration at least in cases where subtitle contained less spots than reel length
  • fix regression: fixed generation of supplemental IMF that was previously stored as dcpproj
  • added warning/error message before generation in case no color transformation is selected as incorrect metadata can appear in resulting package (especially IMF) otherwise
  • bugfix: duration in TTML subtitle mxf now matches real subtitle length
  • bugfix: ResourceID of TTML subtitle generated from xml now is filled properly
  • bugfix: splitting of sequence > 1 in timeline doesn't abort anymore due to wrong duration error
  • bugfix: splitting of IMF sequences with multiple entries per sequence works now
  • bugfix: dragging clip in timeline just upwards/downwards now snaps to original position again
  • added functionality to drop files and tracks directly on the timeline
  • added rearranging of sequences/reels in timeline
  • added functionality to timeline to automatically insert new track inbetween an existing reel for supplemental workflow
  • added functionality to split a reel at the playhead marker
  • added new composition content kinds for IMF
  • ruby nodes in subtitles are partially displayed now (Rb tag)
  • added functionality to directly jump to a timecode in timeline
  • added frame wise stepping using arrow left/right for timeline
  • added reel wise stepping using arrow up/down for timeline
  • bugfix: duration in SMPTE subtitle mxf now matches again real subtitle length
  • bugfix: 4K 3D DCPs created with easyDCP Creator 3.5.x now can be opened again in Creator and Player (might have caused issues on servers, too)
  • bugifx: waveform in timeline now is always rendered completely
  • fix regression: fixed crash re-generating a signed package in easyDCP Creator (non +)
  • fix regression: generating an InterOp package with special characters in subtitle with UTF-8 encoding without BOM works now again
  • fix regression: generating 3D DCP with subtitles doesn't give error message about mismatching editrate anymore
  • fix regression: subtitle burn-in on GPU works correctly again
  • bugfix: validating VF only with referenced and unreferenced pictures tracks didn't pass j2c profile consistency check
  • bugfix: "Do not show as warning anymore" for filesystem warning in Generation Wizard is stored correctly now
  • bugfix: fixed memory usage during generation with burn-in subtitles
  • bugfix: fixed crash opening encrypted package with audio after unencrypted package with audio was opened
  • fix regression: Generating package with InterOp subtitles replaces SubtitleID now correctly again when the uuid contains upper case letters
  • fix regression: for IMF packages the default edit rate is 23,98 again
  • fix regression: Generating package with UTF-8 BOM encoding works now again
  • bugfix: hash check comparison with trailing spaces/newline
  • bugfix: thumbnails in timeline after loading key for encrypted packages now are displayed correctly
  • bugfix: adding QuickTime movie with unsupported codec into reel doesn't crash anymore
  • bugfix: waveform not rendered for encrypted packages after switching composition
  • fix regression: subtitles can be previewed again when loading an InterOp package
  • fix regression: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for valid DCPs
  • (PLUS only) added timeline for preview, navigation and editing of track offset and duration
  • added new automatic letterbox assignment as Track Default
  • font merging option works now also on Mac
  • bugfix: some IMF packages could not be opened, because the the MXF essence coding label's version byte was not ignored.
  • bugfix: IMFs are generated without signature now
  • bugfix: texts of source subtitle xml stays untouched when generating InterOp DCP
  • bugfix: fixed subtitle offset editing in case of large offsets
  • bugfix: saving package is disabled if opened via KDM as saved package couldn't be opened again with the same KDM
  • bugfix: saving Atmos track to project file keeps valid path now
  • bugfix: replacing burn-in subtitle in reel with another burn-in subtitle caused both to be rendered
  • bugfix: saving DCP in place keeps digest valid now
  • bugfix: fixed subtitle burn-in on GPU when offset is set
  • bugfix: generating package with invalid subtitle font is forbidden now
  • known issue: adding subtitles with same language in different order (English in reel 1, German in reel 2, English in reel 2) messes up their order in timeline
  • known issue: Show/Edit Metadata of MAP/IAP projects broken
  • moved to IMF 1.1 (2016 version of App2/App2e)
  • enabled J2K Mainlevel Profiles (with option to use legacy BCP, if applicable)
  • additional MCA metadata editable: ContentKind, ElementKind, Title, TitleVersion
  • fixed J2K profile validation for IMF
  • creating dummy-OPLs for compliance with Netflix spec
  • changed ATMOS related MXF Label to resolve incompatibilities in the field
  • bugfix: fixed edit rate/duration issues when loading certain IMF VFs
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where licensing was not possible on some Macs with High Sierra and Apple FS
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where KDMs and certificates became inaccessible after installing Windows 10 Anniversary/Creators Update
  • bugfix: fixed a crash that occurred when creating packages from certain project files created by easyDCP Player+
  • bugfix: fixed an issue in the Standalone Transcoder command-line application, where the default bitrate was not set correctly for all project types
  • bugfix: fixed an issue in the Standalone Transcoder command-line application, where certain images could not be transcoded to IMF compliant codestreams
  • bugfix: noise at end of sound track when sound track was mix of wav file inputs and auto-generated channels (silence or Atmos sync track) and wav length was not a multiple of the video frame length
  • bugfix: characters missing from the specified font of a subtitle spot were not detected in some cases
  • bugfix: incorrect error message about track duration mismatches when loading certain IMF Packages
  • bugfix: loading audio language from IMF Trackfiles when loading full IMF Package
  • bugfix: incorrect error message about audio labeling when creating certain supplemental IMF Packages
  • bugfix: missing RegXML descriptor when creating supplemental IMF Packages from saved easyDCP project
  • bugfix: standalone transcoder cli parameter ‘-f’ was assigned twice
  • bugfix: standalone transcoder bit depth handling aligned with easyDCP Creator for IMF
  • not creating empty OPLs anymore to avoid possible future incompatibilities
  • Bugfix: Flackernde eingebrannte Untertitel bei Verwendung des GPU Encoding
  • Bugfix: MCA Beschreibung wurde verloren wenn ein IMF neu geladen und generiert wurde
  • Bugfix: Fehlende regxml Beschreibung Elemente in IMF CPLs hinzugefügt
  • Bugfix: Verwendet korrekte SoundCompression Bezeichnung für IMF Sound Trackfiles
  • Bugfix: Verwendet korrekte JPEG2000 EssenceContainer Bezeichnung für IMF Picture Trackfiles
  • Regression behoben: Eingebrannter Timed Text hatte Antialiasing deaktiviert
  • Support für GeForce 10 Serie
  • Vorschau Fenster wir bei häherer Auflösung vergrößert
  • Neue Option um das Paket Datum auf das aktuelle Datum zu setzen
  • Ersetzung von fehlenden Zeichen kann jetzt dynamisch aktiviert werden (Windows)
  • Verbesserte Geschwindigkeit beim Wiederverpacken von DCPs
  • Veresserte Erkennung von Fällen in denen Reencodierung nicht nötig ist
  • Verbesserte Vorschau mit easyDCP Player Funktionalität
  • Bugfix: Stellt vorherige Fenstergröße wieder her
  • Bugfix: Ein Problem beim Starten von der Kommandozeile wurde behoben
  • Versatz und Dauer von Untertiteln ist wird jetzt in der GUI Offset angezeigt
  • Einstellbare Methode zum Runden von Timecodes zu Fraumes für Timed Text
  • Mehrere Bugfixes bei der Positionierung und Anzeige von Untertiteln
  • Mehrere Bugfixes die Dateisequenzen betreffen
  • Bugfix: Konnte keine verschlüsselten steroscopic DCPs laden ("No decryption key set.")
  • Bugfix: Import von WAV Dateien mit verschiedenen Längen
  • Bugfix: Einstellungsdatei wurde so gross dass die Anwendung verlangsamt wurde
  • Vor dem Start einer DCP/IMP Überprüfung wird sichergestellt, dass der gewählte Ort zum Schreiben der Ausgabedatei gültig ist.
  • Die Dicke der Umrahmung des normalen getimten Text ist jetzt einstellbar und verwendet eine Dicke basierend auf der Schriftgrösse die sowohl zu 2k und 4k Inhalten passt.
  • Bugfix: Erzeugung von QuickTime auf dem Mac schlug in manchen Fällen fehl
  • Bugfix: Die inkorrekte Warnung über eine falsche Ziel Auflösung wenn 4K Material in IMF App2E Pakete verpackt wurde wurde entfernt
  • >Bugfix: Die inkorrekte Warnung "Package contains Trackfiles of different package types" beim Öffnen von bestimmten Arten von Supplemental DCPs/IMPs oder gemischten 2D/3D/2K/4K DCPs/IMPs wurde entfernt
  • Regression behoben: Die Position von nach rechts ausgerichtetem, getimeten Text wird richtig berechnet.
  • Bugfix: Die Position von zentrierten Text war leicht verschoben wenn Umrandung aktiviert waren.
  • Bugfix: KDM wurde nicht für Supplemental Packages erzeugt
  • Bugfix: Standartwerte für Ersteller und Ausgeber wurden nicht geladen
  • (Nur PLUS Version) Überprüfungs-Module zur Validierung von DCP und IMP. Erzeugt einen interaktiven Report im HTML format
  • Leichtes Redesign des Haupt User Interfacesof main user interface
  • Unterstützung für 4K 3D DCPs
  • Unterstützt die Erstellung von Higher Bit Rates (HBR) DCPs bis zu 500 Mbps
  • Unterstütz die Erstellung von Dateien mit eigenem Namensschema
  • Bugfix: Vereinzelte Abstürze wärend der Paket Erzeugung
  • GPU-beschleunigtes JPEG 2000 Encoding
  • Erweiterte Skalierungs-funktionen
  • Neue Benutzeroberfläche
  • Vorschau während Encoding
  • Unterstützt IMF App2
  • Unterstützt Archivformate (IAP/MAP)
  • Paralleles CPU/GPU Encoding
  • Dolby Atmos Unterstützung
  • Erweiterte Optionen für Skalierung und Zuschneiden
  • 64bit Unterstützung
  • Unterstützt Retina Displays
  • Pre-Render Wiedergabbe
  • Unterstützung für geschlossene Untertitel/geschlossene Überschriften und offene Überschriften
  • Erweitertes "Pillar-/Letterboxing"
  • Funktion zur Vorschau von Untertiteln und permanenter Einbindung von Untertiteln direkt in den Bildinhalt
  • Neuer Weg, um das Produkt binnen weniger Minuten zu aktivieren
  • Unterstützung des SMPTE subtitle Formates
  • Vereinfachte Zertifikatsanforderung
  • Verbesserter Workflow bei existierenden und/oder in der "+" Version verschlüsselten DCPs
  • Erstellung von KDMs in der "+" Version direkt aus easyDCP Creator+
  • Import von Quicktime Dateien - Audio und Video
  • Unterstützen von Supplemental DCPs
  • Bearbeiten vorhandener DCPs (in der "+" Version auch verschlüsselt)
  • Duplizieren von Compositions
  • Drag und Drop sowie kopieren von Reels
  • Importieren von MXF-formatierten Dateien (Audio und Video)
  • Bis zu 16 audio channels
  • Performance Verbesserung
  • 16 Kanal & Multichannel-wav-file Unterstützung
  • Unterstützung von Untertiteln